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7 MUST Have Mods For Drifting Your Car!

Raymond Jan 14
Today we’re going to talk about a very fun hobby, drifting! I’m sure we’ve all seen in the movies (fast and furious) or shows like top gear. In my opinion, I feel like Tiff Needle really started it when he was power sliding his BMW’s all over the place, I can’t forget that. For some, it’s a hobby and for others, it’s a sport that has turned into a competition—a fast-growing hobby/sport. However, it’s not as popular as it used to be in the 2000s but it’s still up there in the automotive world. Not everyone wants to drift their cars and that’s completely fine but as enthusiasts, we want to give it a go at least once in our lives, and I can assure you guys that it’s extremely fun!
Now, if you’re someone that’s looking to learn your car and how to drift you’ve come to the right place, Talking Mods! If you’re not already aware Talking Mods is a platform for enthusiasts alike to share their knowledge and experiences throughout their automotive modification journey! Our company ModBargains provides modification car parts all across the world to people like yourself and we created ModBargains & Talking Mods for similar reasons, to share our knowledge and expertise. One thing I want to start off with is that drifting isn’t about how fast you make your way around the track but instead it’s a very fun way to move around the track and honestly this could potentially make you a better driver in the long run. How? Why? You might ask—you’re going to be able to have better control of your vehicle and that’s a very important understanding. In the drifting world, controlling your vehicle becomes an essential part of what you do and how you do it. Controlling the angles and so forth. When you first get into drifting the one thing you need to do is pick the right car, for obvious reasons right? You can still pretty much drift any car you want but something you really want to get is a rear-wheel drive. Front engine rear wheel is very popular for the reason of a 50-50 weight

How Did It All Start?

This all started before ModBargains, obviously. If you don’t know about me I’m the owner/CEO of ModBargains and before I ever got into making ModBargains in 2004 I got involved in other things with vehicles and drifting was one of them. Drifting was one of my really big interests and that started off with the Drift Bible by Keiichi Tsuchiya otherwise known as the godfather of drifting. I’m pretty sure they made a fast and furious movie where he makes this little cameo in it which is pretty awesome. Keiichi Tsuchiya is the true godfather and he made this video called the Drift Bible—check out the six basic techniques that Tsuchiya actually applies to. Watch it on our YouTube channel! Back to the Drift Bible, at the time we didn’t have the technology to just go out and have the video with us in the car (like we do nowadays with our phones) so I wanted to remember everything that he was talking about and take it out when I went out and tried to learn how to drift. Obviously, a major key in learning how to drift is that you should instantly learn how the handbrake works. As you watch the Drift Bible you’ll see that Tsuchiya makes recommendations for you to start using acceleration and momentum in order to make the drift happen and you see that a lot more with Top Gear. Those guys have learned how to master more with high horsepower cars.
You can check out our website www.modbargains.com to find mods for your drift cars and be sure to check out the full video for more information on MUST Have Mods for Drifting Your Car!

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