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Talking Mods

Educating Enthusiasts Everywhere

Welcome to Talking Mods — my name is Ron and we started this site as a place to get the content that we put up on our YouTube channel and other areas. Perhaps you’re not on YouTube often and you prefer to read educational articles online. Well, our website is exactly for that! Keep up-to-date with our blog articles as we dive into segments such as: How To Get a Sponsorship, Top 5 Wheel Brands, Top 5 Mods, The Best Coilovers Under $$$, and so much more!

The reason I started Talking Mods is similar to the reason I started our company www.ModBargains.com, (back in 2004). With a goal of sharing our knowledge (and expertise) so that you as fellow enthusiasts don’t make the same mistakes as we once have.

Being a car enthusiast is a great hobby but there’s a lot of information out there as well as misinformation. However, our goal is to help simplify it so we can make the best decisions for ourselves, for our own vehicles, and for our own enjoyment. Our hope is to build a better industry for which we all participate, whether behind the scenes or as consumers. I hope you guys enjoy the candid information and join us on the adventure of constantly learning and exploring the automotive aftermarket together.

If you’re here you have at least one thing in common with us and that is—to learn and modify your own vehicle. We encourage you to please share the content with your own friends and even strangers as it’s truly how we keep the enthusiast community alive!

Industry Veterans

More than 15 years of experience in the automotive industry. ModBargains has been a source of quality parts at affordable prices both from established companies and newer ones who’s quality we have evaluated and trust.

Real World Experience

We have a full service installation center at ModAuto where we learn more about the mods we promote by installing them on customer’s vehicles.

Dedicated to Enthusiasts

Ron Hay and his team have worked hard to build a business that focuses on sharing our expertise and enthusiasm to make the world a better place for automotive enthusiasts.