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HUGE Savings On EV’s In 2021 ($7,000+ GREEN Act)

Raymond Apr 08
Hey everyone! On today’s episode of

Talking Mods

, our host (and owner of


) Ron will talk about the current benefits that everyone should be taking advantage of when it comes to Electric Vehicles! We all know that EV’s and car modifications are minimal but with the consideration of them still being fairly new—aftermarket companies will evolve and adapt to the EV “modification” scene.

Now, this episode won’t tell you how to modify your EV but it will cover how you can utilize your money when purchasing an EV. Here’s some good news, congress wants to do an electric vehicle rebate extension. So, what does this exactly mean? I’ll explain! Previously the Electric Vehicle rebate was $7,500. This means if you purchased an Electric Vehicle (and when a manufacturer met up to a million units sold) let’s use a Tesla, for example, NOW you don’t qualify for the $7,500 tax credit. In other words, you don’t get anything—but if this bill passes that means this tax credit could become available again.
For the first 400,000 cars a manufacturer sells, you (as a customer) qualify for a $7,000 tax credit. That’s a big chunk of money to get back, my possible next vehicle might be something that qualifies, like Tesla’s Cybertruck. For example,  Cybertruck starts at $40,000. If I were to get another $7,500 back that’s a huge amount of money right there! That’s almost 25% off.
Why am I telling you this in advance and why should you care about this EV tax credit/rebate? Because if this gets passed (and there is support from both democrats and republicans) for Tesla I guarantee you there’s going to be a ton of sales—the problem is that Tesla WILL sell their units fast and you won’t be able to qualify for the tax credit once they surpass 400,000 units sold. So if you’re planning to get a Tesla (or another EV) act quick!
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HUGE Savings On EV’s In 2021 (Free Money?!)

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