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Talking Mods: Introduction [VIDEO]

Raymond Jan 12

Hey guys Ron here! I'm extremely excited to announce the first episode of Talking Mods—a place where you can find an informative behind-the-scenes look at the car modification industry. I'll be sharing with you the things that are happening in the industry and what's going on for enthusiasts, making recommendations, providing my opinions and my knowledge, and much, much more! So stay tuned for that.

Who am I?

I'm the owner and founder of ModBargains—it's been 16 and a half years since we started this company and we ship aftermarket parts all across the world to enthusiasts along with doing the installations (Mod Auto) for our customers. We've been doing this for quite some time and our whole goal has been to educate fellow enthusiasts—it's been a long awesome journey, to say the least!

When I first started getting into modifications I knew some things, a little bit here and there but I instantly realized that in this industry there wasn't just one place to get all of your parts from, there wasn't an education where you can learn about the products. Now we can, we have mediums like YouTube and so forth where we can create videos and we can share that—that's been the mission statement since day one. Being able to share our experience, our expertise, and our enthusiasm with fellow enthusiasts, that's what we are about as a company but that's what I'm about also and why I'm doing this video. I care about what happens in our industry and when you guys modify your cars and try my best for you guys to get the best parts and value along with making the right decisions.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

If you guys subscribe and follow our new journey you'll see that our episodes are going to be about different topics such as: What's going on in the industry, answering your questions, educating our customers and subscribers with car modifications. Who knows, maybe even picking the right car for you so there's a lot of different things about why this is important to me and the crew because this is what we're about. We're about educating you guys and we want it to be a better world for all of us as enthusiasts. We want to continue modifying cars in the future and improving upon them.
I'll do my very best and make it my commitment to you guys on releasing content about the ins and outs of the industry how you can potentially get sponsorships, what you shouldn't do to your car what's illegal and perhaps some of the background stories on some of these companies... you'll want to stick around for that! There's going to be a lot of really cool stuff especially the Q&As—the Q&As will generate from you guys submitting to our ModBargains Instagram (be sure to follow us!).
And lastly, one thing that we definitely need from you guys is if you can please (and obviously) subscribe, hit that like button on our videos, and write in the comments as the saying usually goes! The crew and I will be reading the comments and I will be responding as much as possible. So, again I appreciate you guys and I can't wait to show you some really cool things on our YouTube channel! We look forward to sharing our new journey with you all for 2021!

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