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Are THESE The Top 5 Wheel Brands?! 🤔

Raymond Jan 21
One of the very first mods most of us do to our cars is getting some new shoes! In today’s topic, we’ll dive into the discussion of our TOP 5 WHEEL BRANDS. There’s a lot of wheel brands that are really great but this is our opinion and we’d love to hear yours as well (which you can write in our comments section of our YouTube video). So, to start off the criteria we’re going based on are brand recognition and resellability. These two are very essential to any wheel brand that you’re picking because we all want a brand that we recognize. Some people may not care as much as others but you instantly recognize brands like Rolex, Patek, Chanel, or Prada—but instead wheels. Following brand recognition is resellability, it’s an important factor (in my opinion) because we’ll eventually want to take off our wheels at some point and get new ones. When they’re off we either want to hold on to them or resell them, so that makes a big difference on some of these brands. Obviously, this eliminates a lot of the micro brands because of quality and quantity. Another thing I kept in mind is staying power. Staying power in other words that they’re going to stay relevant. So let’s jump right into each wheel based on brand recognition, resellability, and quality. This list is in no particular order.

BBS Wheels:

One of the most recognizable companies in our industry is definitely BBS Wheels, especially in the motorsports world. In terms of their aftermarket wheels, the LM’s are extremely iconic. BBS as a whole has a lot of really classic looking wheels that have done really well just like the LM wheels since the ’80s have existed and honestly, it still looks amazing to this day, and better yet, if you end up buying that wheel you can always resell it for just about what you paid for it—and if you got a limited edition color even more so. BBS, as is, is a really huge company and it’s a supplier for OEM stuff on a wide range of vehicles and so forth. BBS’s aftermarket scene uses the best of their technologies. So this makes BBS one of the ones that first came to my mind. I know I’ve mentioned it already but LM’s are some of their most iconic wheels and following that, the F-IR’s have done amazing in the last couple of years, very sought out always sold out and their CH-R’s do great as well.

Method Wheels:

Moving forward from the BBS Wheel topic we jump right into Method Wheels. They’re very iconic and I don’t even think you can ever find the MR301 in stock, it’s always sold out! The MR301 is a very nice high-quality wheel, especially in the off-roading scene. Method Wheels have some great innovation and technology—a company that is here to stay for good. You’re not going to have a problem with them and the wheel itself for your off-road vehicles.

Volk Racing:

Following Method Wheels is probably the first one a lot of people think of, especially if you come from the Japanese market—Volk Racing. I’ll be throwing in Rays into it as well because it’s technically a sub underneath brand. Obviously, the first wheel that comes to our mind is the TE37. I think everybody knows that if you purchase that wheel you cannot lose a single dollar when you resell it, if anything you can probably even profit from it. So, when you get into limited edition wheels the TE37, super popular amazing quality phenomenal wheel that is always in demand and if you’re going to get one you need to be prepared to wait 6 months to a year, if not more.


The next big one is going to be, Forgestar. Based on the demand and what I’ve seen and how across the board for all vehicles, they’ve done an amazing job. Forgestar disrupted the market, they came in with their flow form line. Their most iconic wheel is the F14. The F14’s have a very classic design and you can do any color you want with them. You can’t beat that value, and the market just keeps going to it. I mean, everybody wants it on their cars (at least most of everyone). I’ve had them on my 911 Turbo and it’s amazing. They’ve also done something others wouldn’t do and that’s making a super deep—their super deep versions have an outcome cavity in the wheels that are just incredible. So, Forgestar ticks all the boxes for me and they’re not even as expensive as some of the other ones I mentioned. In terms of brand recognition, it’s out there. They’ve been on the rise year over year and they’re always trying to push the envelope. Forgestar has been a company that’s been there for a while and has long staying power, so I like them for many reasons and I think they’ve done a great job.

HRE Wheels:

Now ending it off with our last pick for today! It’s going to be HRE Wheels. Many many years out there, we’re technically sending you back to the future. HRE has some of the most iconic wheels (similar to BBS in some ways). The P40, 540R, Forge wheels and the list goes on. Back in the 2000’s it was always HRE and iForge—they were like the Coke and Pepsi back in the day. HRE were always (and still is) a company that did more of the engineering and very recognizable. I almost feel like they’re kind of like the Rolex and when you see that brand, that recognition you almsot always recognize HRE. They’ve done a really good job with their wheel quality and finishes.

So that’s my Top 5 Wheel Brands for today and I know there are some other brands and they were shy just missing out. What are YOUR Top 5 Wheel Brands? Maybe it’s one of ours, either way we would love to know. Please check out our YouTube video of this topic as we go into more depth and you can view other videos with similar topics! We hope you guys enjoyed todays blog and episode and look forward for you reading our next one


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